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Kwarta Writing is a place to explore the craft of books, movies, and shows through an analytical and critical lens. I’ll review such materials in their entirety and critique them as a whole. I will also delve into the different elements that make up a story (character development, pacing, tone, etc.) and discuss what worked and what didn’t. Under the “Writer’s Corner” tab I will be posting tips, strategies, and links for beginner and moderate writers. Lastly, I’ll be writing about my own life experiences as a writer and blogger, my struggles and successes. This page should be a community and I encourage all of you to read and comment.

I’m on a mission to write about every movie I see and book I read, while also revisiting some of my favorites. They may not be completely traditional reviews but hopefully they will be insightful and a bit entertaining. I hope you all enjoy.

My “Writer’s Corner” blog will be less frequent as I pull information from these materials and look at them in a way that can benefit my writing and hopefully benefit those of you who are reading them. I encourage everybody to comment on my posts and start topics in the forum so we can grow and learn as a community.