White Plains – By David Hicks

White Plains is a debut novel by an outstanding author, David Hicks. The story follows Flynn Hawkins, a young and optimistic graduate assistant, as his life, seemingly inexplicably falls apart. His marriage ends, he leaves his children, and he quits his teaching position. During a time of vulnerability and confusion Flynn attempts to rectify his life’s path but only plunges himself into situations that lead him further from his children and goals. After a frightening drive and a confrontation with mother nature, Flynn resolves himself to rebuild his life and reconnect with his children.

Hicks does a wonderful job providing an authentic view into struggling and sympathetic character. Flynn Hawkins embodies the contradicting human qualities of stagnation and impulsiveness. With great insight into human emotions, Hicks truly shows what it means to fight from bottom for what’s important and that there is light after darkness.

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