The Angel’s Secret by Nicholas Adams

In the reconstructed North America, the governing power, The Quorum of Zeus, rules over the human and Angel population of Olympus. The Low Technology Zone (LTZ), on the outskirts of Olympus, exist in a mostly symbiotic relationship with The Quorum. Although tensions grow as Dissident fighters from the LTZ target Olympus with increasing lethal tactics. … Read moreThe Angel’s Secret by Nicholas Adams

Dawn and Day – Both by Elie Wisel

              Set after World War II and the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel created two fictional extensions of his autobiographical novel, “Night,” titled “Dawn” and “Day.” The former dives deep into the innermost thoughts of Elisha, who is a revolutionary fighter in Palestine on the eve of executing a British officer. He struggles with the morality of … Read moreDawn and Day – Both by Elie Wisel

All The Light We Cannot See – By Anthony Doerr

“And yet everything radiates tension, as if the city was built upon the skin of a balloon and someone is inflating it towards the breaking point.” This quote from Anthony Doerr’s novel, All the Light we Cannot beautifully describes the novel, which is a story that primarily follows two children’s respective journeys (Marie-Laure Leblanc and … Read moreAll The Light We Cannot See – By Anthony Doerr

White Plains – By David Hicks

White Plains is a debut novel by an outstanding author, David Hicks. The story follows Flynn Hawkins, a young and optimistic graduate assistant, as his life, seemingly inexplicably falls apart. His marriage ends, he leaves his children, and he quits his teaching position. During a time of vulnerability and confusion Flynn attempts to rectify his … Read moreWhite Plains – By David Hicks

Our Souls at Night – By Kent Haruf

Kent Haruf’s Our Souls at Night is stunningly simple novel that lives up to the standard of set by other books by Haruf, such as Plainsong. He writes about the intimate lives of Addie Moore and Louis Water as they connect as neighbors, widows, friends, and lovers. Their relationship is explored through simple actions courtesy … Read moreOur Souls at Night – By Kent Haruf